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Japanese Construction Technology is regarded as Top Class in the world.
We look to maintain that same level of standard in the field of Pile Extraction

A lot is happening in the Japanese Construction market.
Specially in the urban areas there is a rapid increase in construction activities ranging from renewal of houses, to massive development projects. Due to this there is a growing and diverse need for reforms in the basic construction methods and is important to adopt methods that use latest technology to ensure high level of safety and are good for the environment.

In such situation it is expected that the importance of pile extraction and other dismantling work will increase considerably. There will be a considerable rise in complicated pile extraction cases for ex: Pile extraction from compact sites, deep piles resulting from dismantling of underground structures, broad and shallow piles and piles with long bores and many other special cases .
This institutes with the mutual cooperation of it's members and through continuous research and learning, aims to create and propose methods (for pile extraction) that are safe, efficient, uses latest technology and meets the current and future needs of industry and environment.

We as a professional association have a commitment to society and wish to share our members expertise with society.
All our members are experts in the pile extraction and construction industry and are committed to this philosophy .
We look forward to your support in helping us realize the goals of the institute.

Director: Keisuke Sugawara

Outline of the Pile Extraction Research Institute


Pile Extraction Research Institute

Date of Establishment

September 1st 2004


The objective of this Institute is to improve "safety procedures", "latest technological developments", "research and developments" and "familiarize and publicity campaign" regarding the method happening in the field of pile extraction of old buildings and factories.


Hiroyuki Kobiyama / Niigata Shoji Co., Ltd. / CEO

Deputy Director

Yoshihito Sugisaki / Sugisaki Kiso Co., Ltd. / CEO

Board Member

Keisuke Sugahara / Maruken Kougyou Co., Ltd. / CEO

Board Member

Hidehito Sato / Tsukasa kikou Co., Ltd. / CEO


Housei Tanaka / Yonei & Co., Ltd. / Vice-director

Executive Office

6-3-19 Shinozaki-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL: +81-3-3677-5881 / FAX: +81-3-3677-0346

Equipments Owned By Members
Major Equipments
September 2009-Present

Telescopic Crawler Crane (35t-90t) ccc23
Crawler Crane (50t-120t) cccc47
Rafter Crane (7t-50t) ccc29
Full Rotating Excavator (ƒ³1500-ƒ³2000) ccc23